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Free woodworking & outdoor projects / plans

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  1. Round Picnic Table - Source Construct101
  2. Jack n Jill Seat Plans - Source Construct101
  3. Wheelbarrow planter - Source Construct101


Featured Plans:


New plans at Construct101 for a chicken coop. Plans are totally free, check them out!


For more totally free woodworking plans and DIY projects go to Construct 101. The site has a few plans that include free download files (PDF).


If you are new to woodworking you can get started building today with these detailed plans. There is no guess work if you are using these plans, they are very detailed and easy to follow along. Take the dust off your tools and get started building now!





Latest Articles & Projects


starPicnic Table Plans

How to build a picnic table. Simple to follow plans. Step-by-step instructions with detailed pictures. Easy DIY project can be completed in a day.


starBuilding A Garden Gazebo

Garden gazebos can be found in kits or built manually in almost any configuration that is desired, such as four-sided, six-sided or even an octagon shape. When building a gazebo, the design options are virtually unlimited


starCompost Sifter Plans

A compost sifter is useful if you want finer compost. A sifter will screen out larger material that may need more time. These D-I-Y plans can easily be modified to build a sifter for your needs.


starThe Versatile Garden Arbor
What inexpensive spring or summertime project will beautify your yard or garden while enhancing the value of your home? A garden arbor. This simple structure, often used as a vine covered entranceway into the yard, can also serve


starGarden Trellis: Plans And Kits

A garden trellis is simply a framework that is provided to climbing plants that allows the gardener to “train” plants to grow into a specific shape or location. Trellises are often used to support ivy type plants, roses, and tomatoes.


starBuilding A Shed: A Brief Overview

If you need extra storage space in your garden for tools and gardening supplies you may want to consider building a shed. Not everyone is an accomplished handyman, but you do not have to be an expert builder to build a shed.


starCinder/Concrete Block Compost Bin Plans

One great benefit of having a cinder block compost bin is that it will last many years. The front boards slide in and out. These plans can easily be modified to build just one bin or as many as you need. Pictures and details will give you ideas so you can easily build your own.


starBuilding A Dog House With Plans: What is involved exactly?
Building a dog house using plans, what is involved exactly? The modern dog house has come a long way. In the current era quality dog house plans will include heating and insulation, to help keep the occupant warm in cold weather and cool in the heat of day.


starHow to Compost - Easy To Follow Instructions

Compost is of such importance in successful gardening that it’s best not to restrict its use if possible. To avoid this dilemma, why not learn how to compost? It’s easy to do, and making your own compost provides benefits beyond simply saving money.


starDog House Plans

Step-by-step dog house plans take you through the process in the construction of a gable roof dog house. Pictures with details will give you ideas so you can build your own.