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If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, then learning how to build a greenhouse will provide you with a lot of satisfaction as well as a great project. You might want to build a greenhouse in order to protect your plants during the time the weather is extremely cold, or you may simply want to get an early start for the spring.


The first thing you need to do is check your local ordinances. Do you need to to obtain a building permit? Do you need to have the greenhouse plans first approved by the zoning department before you start building? Make certain you are aware of all of the requirements, otherwise you may be in for a sad ending.


Once you know the size of the greenhouse you want to build, you will need to determine what materials to purchase. Usually the greenhouse covering is constructed from polycarbonate, glass, plastic, or fiberglass. These materials allow for the sunlight to penetrate into your greenhouse. The frame will usually be made from wood, aluminum, galvanized metal, or plastic piping. The most common material when building it yourself will be wood and plastic piping. Other accessories you might want to add will include: heating system, cooling system, ventilation systems, and watering systems.


Usually a larger greenhouse is called a hothouse or glasshouse. A smaller unit is referred to as a cold frame. You should build your greenhouse based on the amount of space you have available, while also considering the budget you have available for materials, tools, and so forth.


Whatever you do, it is wise to have some kind of understanding on how to build a greenhouse before you begin. Greenhouse plans can be found online, or you can check out a how-to book from your local library or bookstore. You can also check the various home improvement stores to see if they have any books on the subject. If you have experience in building other projects then you might want to create your own design. However, if you are not certain about how to proceed, then you might want to buy a greenhouse kit. Inside the kit you will find all of the parts you need and the directions on how to assemble your project. This is great for the want-to-be craftsman who is not quite certain of his/her abilities.

Free Greenhouse Plans


Arched GreenHouse

Arched GreenHouse (PDF)

FREE Plans for an arched PVC pipe GREENHOUSE. 13ft wide and as long as you want it.

Pvc Plans

A Small Backyard Greenhouse

A Small Backyard Greenhouse (PDF)

This publication presents plans and instructions for an easily constructed greenhouse...




Greenhouse kits at Amazon

Greenhouse Kits at Amazon

Online shopping for Greenhouse kits from a great selection of Patio, Lawn & Garden; & more at everyday low prices.