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Garden Trellis

A garden trellis is simply a framework that is provided to climbing plants that allows the gardener to “train” plants to grow into a specific shape or location. Trellises are often used to support ivy type plants, roses, and tomatoes.


A garden trellis adds an aesthetically pleasing design element to any outdoor space while providing a solid support system for your climbing plants. Trellises can be found arching over garden walkways, along fence lines or other vertical surfaces, and throughout most vegetable gardens, providing a suitable surface for climbing plants such as clematis and climbing roses.


While garden trellises come in many shapes and sizes, most generally include a grid structure that the plant can use to anchor itself as it grows in order to support itself. Common shapes include fan, square, and rectangular, but can take on any shape and size the gardener desires. Trellises can be made from any number of materials including wood, metal including rigid and flexible wire, and plastic.


The easiest way to install a trellis is to purchase a ready-to-use unit at any local lawn and garden center. Trellis kits are also available for assembly, however you can make your own custom designed without buying expensive kits or pre-made units by simply searching for plans on the net and building your own.


There are a variety of designs available for making your own trellis. These designs utilize several different materials, however the most common are copper tubing and wood. You can find very simple designs as well as complex designs. The design you choose should be based upon your skill level and availability of tools. At the minimum, you should have a nail gun and a circular saw with both wood and metal blades available before you begin working.


If you are not handy, don't have the proper tools or would rather simply not hassle with planning, measuring and building your own trellis you can purchase a ready-made trellis or pre-fabricated ready to assemble kit. Once again, there will be a variety of styles, colors, and purposes to suit almost any need, negating the need for custom building your own trellis.


The main consideration when choosing a trellis is to ensure that you provide ample support for your plants. Some plants cannot tolerate the excessive heat generated by metal trellises placed in direct sunlight, while others require the added rigidity that metal trellises offer.



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