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Picnic Table Plans


Picnic Table

The picnic table plans below is for a six foot long picnic table. The frame is constructed with two by fours, the bench and table top are two by six. The frame can be built with pressure treated lumber but avoid treated lumber for the table top and bench. This is a sturdy outdoor table that will last many years with proper care. This picnic table is fairly simple to build, below are the easy to follow step-by-step instructions. This simple project can easily be accomplished in one weekend.



Picnic Table Plans


Picnic Table Plans Material/Cut List


A- (Qty 4) - 2X4 - 36"


B- (Qty 2) - 2X4 - 26 1/2"


C- (Qty 2) - 2X4 - 58"


D- (Qty 9) - 2X6 - 72"


E- (Qty 6) - 2X4 - 10"


F- (Qty 3) - 2X4 - 26 1/2"


G- (Qty 2) - 2X4 - 29"



3" Deck Screws

2 1/2" Deck Screws

(Qty 8) - 3"Long 3/8 Diameter Carriage Bolts With Washer And Nut



Picnic Table Plans - Assembly

Measure and cut A, B, and C to size, see picture below. These parts will make the sides for the picnic table. Part A will have 30 deg. angle cuts on each end in opposite directions. Once they are cut go to next page for assembly instructions.



Picnic Table Part A
Picnic Table Part B
Picnic Table Part C