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Dog house Plans

Dog houses are designed to protect the dog from rain, snow, and wind. If temperatures are extremely cold or hot, be sure your dog has access to an area with moderate temperatures. A dog house will not give protection from extreme temperatures.


If you are building your own dog house, having dog house plans will make this project easier. Some things to consider before you build will be size, roof design, and type of material.


A dog house should not be to big. Build it big enough for the dog to turn, lie down, and stretch. If it is to big the dogs body heat will be lost when temperatures are cold.


The two most popular designs are the gable roof and the sloped roof. With a sloped roof the dog will be able to lay on top of the roof. If the dog uses the roof to lie down on, do not add shingles. Shingles tend to get to hot during the summer, plywood will be more appropriate.


When designing the dog house, make sure you will have access to clean the inside. If it is big you should have enough access, but if it small adding hinges to one of the sides will make cleaning easier.


How to build a dog house


dog house plans


Dog House Plans

Step-by-step dog house plans take you through the process in the construction of a gable roof dog house. Pictures with details will give you ideas so you can build your own.

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Free dog house plans


Building a Doghouse

Building a Doghouse
Why not show your love by building a dog house the neighbors (or at least the neighbors' dogs) would envy?

D-I-Y Network

Designer dog kennel

Designer dog kennel

Your best friend deserves the best, so if it's time to do something about his or her accommodation, spoil them with a kennel that's comfy and good to look at.

Better Homes and Gardens

Dog House Project Plan

Dog House Project Plan

The dog house is designed to provide a sturdy shelter for medium sized dog.

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Doghouses at Amazon

Dog Houses at Amazon

Online shopping for Dog Houses; Products & more at everyday low prices.



How To Build A Dog House - Insulated Dog House Plans

How To Build A Dog House - Insulated Dog House Plans

Discover How To Easily Build A Fully Insulated, Customized Dog House That Looks Great Protects Your Dog From The Weather And Saves Money

Easy Build Doghouse Plans









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Building a dog house using plans, what is involved exactly? The modern dog house has come a long way. In the current era quality dog house plans will include heating and insulation, to help keep the occupant warm in cold weather and cool in the heat of day.