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Building A Dog House With Plans: What is involved exactly?


The modern dog house has come a long way. In the current era quality dog house plans will include heating and insulation, to help keep the occupant warm in cold weather and cool in the heat of day.


When building a dog house you might notice that there are many styles. They vary from classic wood designs to doggie tents. Generally, the style will only matter to the one building the dog house as the furry canine occupant will simply enjoy a dry place to sleep. Whether they can determine the house's aesthetic appeal is often suspected but currently unknown.


When it comes to building your furry companion a home there are several factors to consider. What breed is your dog? What is your local climate like? Are there any specific ordinances regarding animal housing requirements in your area?


The breed of your dog will determine the size and style of house you can build. Your dog house must be sized to fit your canine friend in and snug and safe manner. A three story mini-mansion might look cute for a Chihuahua but there may be consequences from this selection.


Your local climate will determine the material construction requirements for your enterprise. A rainy climate may require extra effort in sealing off the roof and sides of the house in order to prevent water damage. Further you will probably want to place the house a foot or two off the ground on stilts with a ramp leading into it so that water won't get into the house easily.


Before building a dog house be certain that the materials and method of building are legal in your area. Some cities and counties have specific housing ordinances. Ask your local government office or animal services representative to help you understand the legalities. The last thing you need is a fine or an order to tear down a house you spent a day or two building.


The basic steps to building this project include drawing up dog house plans, resource acquisition, and a can do attitude. Take the steps one at a time until complete.


To create a solid dog house plan you must first decide on a style of construction and add in all the factors mentioned earlier. The style will generally be based on a simplistic version of a real house. You can be as creative as you like here, even adding in a porch for your little friend.


The most important aspects are to determine the dimensions of the micro-abode. The dog will need enough room to stand up and move around inside as well as hide all their favorite treats and knick knacks.


Dogs may be the descendants of wolves but they will still fare better in a warm house that has insulation. Heaters aren't vital unless you live in very cold climates but if installed properly they can help.


Be certain to lay down a floor in your plans. If the house is directly on the ground it may become a mud pit after a rain storm.


The final piece of advice is to make certain that you construct the home in a sturdy manner that leaves few surfaces to chew on. Some dogs love nothing more than gnawing on things and soon they may literally eat themselves out of house and home.




How To Build A Dog House - Insulated Dog House Plans


How To Build A Dog House - Insulated Dog House Plans

Discover How To Easily Build A Fully Insulated, Customized Dog House That Looks Great Protects Your Dog From The Weather And Saves Money

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