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Dog house plans | Roof

dog house plans | roof

Material for the dog house roof

  • 1- 2x2- 3' ridge

  • 6- 2x2- 2' - 45 deg angle cut on bottom - rafters

  • 5/8" plywood decking 3' 8" x 2' 6" - roof decking

  • shingles

dog house ridge


Screw 2 inch nails through the siding and into the 2x2 ridge as shown on picture above.




doghouse | ridge | rafters


Position and screw through the rafters into the top plate and into the ridge. If you are building a larger dog house, add more rafters, usually 16" apart.


dog house plans | cut list


The rafters will measure 2' with a 45° angle cut on the bottom.




dog house plans | roof  measurements


Measure and cut the plywood roof decking. Center and screw into the rafters. Install shingles.




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