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Gambrel storage shed roof frame details

storage shed roof frame details

Material for 8x8 gambrel storage shed roof frame details

  • 10- 2x4 37 1/8"- Bottom Rafters (22.5 degree each end)

  • 10- 2x4 37 1/4" -Top Rafter (22.5 degree each end)

  • 24- Gussets


Cut all the material needed for the storage shed roof frame.

storage shed truss details

Spread the bottom to 97 1/4" Make sure the peak is in the center. Next nail a gusset where the rafters join. Use your first truss as a template to build the rest. MAKE SURE ALL YOUR TRUSS ARE EXACTLY THE SAME.


storage shed bottom of rafter flush with siding

The bottom of the rafters will be flush with the siding. Place the truss over the wall studs and nail them.








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