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My Projects (page2)

Compost Sifter


compost sifter

Compost Sifter Plans

A compost sifter is useful if you want finer compost. A sifter will screen out larger material that may need more time. These D-I-Y plans can easily be modified to build a sifter for your needs.

Picnic Table


Picnic Table Plans

Picnic Table Plans

How to build a picnic table. Simple to follow plans. Step-by-step instructions with detailed pictures. Easy DIY project can be completed in a day.

Storage Sheds


shed plans

Building an 8'x8' gambrel Shed

8x8 gambrel storage shed , barn style storage shed. See my step-by-step instructions, details, and lots of pictures.

Gambrel Storage Shed

How to build a gambrel shed

Step-by-step instructions take you through the process in the construction of a gambrel storage shed. Pictures with details will give you ideas so you can make your own shed.