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Lawn Weeds

Lawn mowing



Some of the weeds you can expect to find in your lawn are bond weed, black medic, clover,crabgrass, dandelion,and plantain. Pulling them out from your nice looking green lawn may require some patience.



One of the best methods to keep weeds out of your lawn is for your lawn to be dense and healthy.


Mow to the recommended height. Mowing to low can give


weeds an advantage. Pull weeds out whenever possible. Use herbicides where pulling weeds is just impossible.



Organic weed control

If you don't want to use chemicals herbicides on your lawn, try some organic alternatives.


Corn glutton meal is an organic herbicide you can get at your garden center or nursery. This organic herbicide is completely harmless.


Other organic alternatives to try is boiling water, or simply digging the weeds out with a weed digging tool or screwdriver.



Lawn Watering

How often you water your lawn depends on your soil, the season or temperature, humidity and how often you get rainfall. Read more...



Lawn Mowing

Mowing your lawn to the right height and at the right time will help prevent weeds, insects and disease. Read more...



Lawn Fertilizing

Fertilizing your lawn is important to keep it healthy, give it a nice green color, keep away weeds, insects and disease. Read more...