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Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn fertilizing



Fertilizing your lawn is important to keep it healthy and give it a nice green color. Keep away weeds, insects and disease by fertilizing.



Lawns use lots of nitrogen. When buying fertilizer look for nitrogen content of about 20 percent. Fertilize when the lawn will be absorbing the nutrients, such as spring, early summer, and autumn.


Apply fertilizer evenly and on calm days. A broadcast spreader is ideal for fertilizing evenly.


Apply the fertilizer evenly to avoid dark green sections and yellowing areas were you didn't fertilize.




Lawn Watering

How often you water your lawn depends on your soil, the season or temperature, humidity and how often you get rainfall. Read more...



Lawn Mowing

Mowing your lawn to the right height and at the right time will help prevent weeds, insects and disease. Read more...



Lawn Weeds

Some of the weeds you can expect to find in your lawn are bond weed, black medic, clover,crabgrass, dandelion,and plantain. Pulling them out from your nice looking green lawn may require some patience. Read more...