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step 1Gambrel storage shed foundation

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storage shed foundation

Material for 8x8 gambrel storage shed skid foundation

  • 7 -2x4- 93 inches pressure-treated for the floor joist.

  • 2- 2x4 - 8 feet pressure-treated for the bands.

  • 2- 4x4- 8 feet pressure-treated for the skids.

  • 2- 3/4 plywood 4x8 for the floor decking.

foundation lumber
Cut foundation bands and floor joist

The treated lumber will be used to build the skid foundation.

Lay your treated lumber out, we will be measuring, marking, and cutting, all of the treated lumber.


Measure 7 of the 2x4 to 93 inches, these will be for the floor joist. 2 2x4 to 8 feet, these will be the floor bands, and 2 4x4 to 8 feet these will be your skids and cut.

position shed joist





storage shed skids

Position the 7, 2x4 by 93 inches joist you cut, approximately 16 inches apart. Nail through the 2x4 by 8 feet bands, and in to the end of the joist.


Place the 4x4 by 8 feet skids underneath the floor frame. Position the skids so the joist hang over about 16 inches beyond the skids.

shed foundation on top of blocks



If you are not using concrete blocks, you should prepare a gravel base, to protect the wood foundation. To prepare a gravel base remove 4 inches of soil in an area about 12 inches wider and longer than the dimension of the storage shed. Fill in the area with 4 inches of compactible gravel. Check for level using a 4 foot level and 8 ft long 2x4. Rake the area until it is fairly level. Tamp the gravel using a hand tamper, check for level, add or remove gravel until the surface is level.


I will be setting the skid foundation on top of concrete blocks.

nail shed skids








level shed foundation

Toenail the joist to the skids.


Level the floor frame. Lift the floor frame where it is low and add a piece of treated 2x4 or whatever is necessary to get the floor leveled.

measure diagonally
square shed floor

Measure diagonally across the floor frame to square it. Shift the frame until both of the sides measure the same both ways. Once both sides measure the same both ways, your floor frame is square.

lay plywood


shed foundation complete

Lay the 3/4 inch 4x8 plywood on top of the floor frame and nail it.


The storage shed skid foundation is now completed. Next step will be building the side walls.



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