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Gable storage shed front wall & door

gable shed front wall and door

Material needed for the gable storage shed front wall & door

  • 2- 5/8" T1-11 siding 4'x8'

  • 2- 5/8" T1-11 siding 4'x38"

  • 1- 2x4 57"- Lintel

  • 1- 2x4 48"- Header

  • 2- 2x4 74"- Jambs

  • 4- 2x4 74"- Uprights

  • 4- 2x4 16 3/4"- Stiles

  • 2- 2x6 16 3/4"- Base

  • 16 - Corner Blocks

  • 2 Pair- 4" Butt Hinges



storage shed door parts

Lay out the door frame parts on a work table, nail the base and stiles to the uprights, this is temporary, when the siding is nailed to the door frame it will get it’s strength.


building the storage shed door

Screw the 4 inch butt hinges to the uprights. Then screw it to the jamb. I used c clamps to hold the jambs in place. The jamb is not even with the upright, it should stick out 1/4 inch past the upright top, this will allow the door to swing freely and not hit the lintel.


back of storage shed siding

The T1-11 siding has a lip on the edge that overlaps the opposite siding. The flat end of the siding will be flush with door frame upright. The opposite siding will stick out past the door frame upright. When the door is closed, the lip on the siding will overlap giving the door a tight seal.


shed door assembly

Nail through the back of the siding and into all the door parts.


With a straight edge draw a line between the door jamb and door frame upright. Draw another line on top of the door frame stile. With a skill saw cut along the line, do not cut out completely, leave about three 4" sections to keep the door from swinging open and keep it square.

gable shed front wall and door installation

Nail the front wall to the side wall frame, push the side wall in or out to square it. Nail it to the roof rafters, and nail the bottom.


gable shed siding and door


gable shed top siding



Shed door and wall installed


storage shed header


Once you nail both sides go inside and finish cutting the uncut sections with a hand saw. Nail the header on top, cut 2x4 to length, for sides of the door. Let the header hang down 1/2 inch below the top of the door, this will serve as a door stop. Go outside and nail through the door jambs and into the studs you installed. Install the lintel on top of the door.








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