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Pergola - Build it yourself

Building a pergola is a great focal point for any home. Learning how to build a pergola yourself will not only save you money, it can be a fun do-it-yourself project.


If you have been thinking about adding a pergola to your home, but the price for a kit was just beyond your budget, you should consider building it yourself.


Pergolas are very basic structures, with some careful planning and some pergola plans, this project can be built by most homeowner. Building it yourself will not only save you money, you will have a well built structure you can be proud of.


Call your building department before beginning any new construction. Find out from your building department what the requirements are for this project.



Some things you should consider:


  • Location, what are the main reasons for building this pergola. Will you want some shade, how will the sun effect you from using your pergola.


  • Size is another factor you will need to think about. If one of the main reasons is to entertain, consider the size, and how many people it can accommodate.


  • Are you capable to build this yourself. If you don't feel comfortable building this yourself, consider hiring a local handyman. Have your plans ready to show him. Get a couple of estimates, and see if it can be build within your budget.


  • Pergola design, the most common and easiest to build will be a square and rectangle. Once you have found the design you want, get the plans. Plans will come with a material list, having detailed plans will make this project much easier.


  • If any digging is required, be aware of any water, electrical, or telephone lines.


If you want to save some money, building it yourself is the best choice. Take your time to find the plans that will work for you. Study your plans carefully. Take your time when measuring and cutting. This is a great weekend project, that will be enjoyed for years.




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Pergola Plans

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