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Organizing the garage


Many garages get neglected, and over time they become a room to store your junk.


If your garage has become full with all the stuff that doesn't fit in your house, maybe it's time to work on a garage plan to help you organize.


If you are using your garage for storage instead of a place to park your car, its time to start organizing. Here are some tips for for your garage plan.


Start by clearing out your garage. Now that the garage is cleaned and cleared, measure out the area were your car will be parked. Make sure you leave yourself room to open the doors. Once you have marked that area add two or three more feet to move around more comfortably.


Now you will have to plan out what will be moved back in the garage. Decide what you can throw away, give away, and sell.


Stuff you rarely use can go in your storage shed. If you don't have a storage shed, consider investing in a storage shed kit, or building your own storage shed.


Adding shelves and storage units is a great way to organize. Plan out were everything will go.

You can draw out the layout of your plan and ideas on paper, or use some some software to help you design your layout.