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Compost Bins (page 3)

Free Compost Bin Plans

Rotating Barrel Composter

Rotating Barrel Composter (PDF)

The barrel is rotated several times whenever new materials are added. It is constructed with a minimum of hand-powered tools, and is not difficult or time-consuming to build.

Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District

Building Your Own Composting Bin

Building Your Own Composting Bin (PDF)

Attached are instruction sheets for building the following home composting bins, screen and worm bins

The California Integrated Waste Management Board

Compost Bin

Compost Bin

A place into which to sift your final compost

How to Build a Compost Bin

How to Build a Compost Bin

Compost can be made by five different methods: holding units, turning units, heaps, soil incorporation, and worm composting.


Barrel Composter

Barrel Composter (PDF)

The barrel composter is a small way to make small patches of compost.

Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Center





Compost Bins Tumblers at Amazon

Compost Bins - Tumblers - Barrels at Amazon

Turns yard and garden debris - grass clippings, leaves, weeds, twigs, even kitchen scraps into a dark, rich, valuable soil amendment.



World's Best Compost

5 star

World's Best Compost

If you want to discover for the very first time how to feed your plants as nature really intended, and do it without bins, tumblers, odor or turning

Worlds Best Compost








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How to Compost - Easy To Follow Instructions

Compost is of such importance in successful gardening that it’s best not to restrict its use if possible. To avoid this dilemma, why not learn how to compost? It’s easy to do, and making your own compost provides benefits beyond simply saving money.