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Storage Sheds


Storage sheds - Helpful information, advice and tips before you make the purchase


You can find garden storage sheds for sale at home improvement stores and also at many online sites. The most important things to look for when choosing outdoor storage shed kits is strength, durability, attractiveness, size, cost, and low maintenance.


Storage sheds are simple structures. You can set them up permanent on a concrete slab, or have it portable on a skid foundation.


For an attractive shed, choosing the right material is important. Details such as windows, doors, siding, roof, and trim are things to consider.


There are many different types and sizes. Some of the most common are the gable, gambrel, lean-to, and salt box.


You can buy shed kits in a variety of styles and material. Some of the most common materials used are vinyl, metal, and wood. Vinyl storage sheds are durable and require little maintenance. Metal storage sheds are very affordable, but over time they will rust, always look for warranty against rust. Wood storage sheds are very sturdy and attractive. As time goes by it will require maintenance, paint will eventually flake and peel, low maintenance will be required to keep it looking nice.

Storage Shed Space

Determine what the shed will be used for so that you can get an idea of the size you will need. Measure everything you plan to put inside, and try to go a little bigger


Walk around your property with your tape measure, to find the right spot that will accommodate the shed. Choose a location that will be adequate. Clear and level the area you have chosen.

Storage Shed Material

Today there is a huge selections of shed kits you can buy. A kit will come in many different styles and sizes. Some of the materials to choose from when buying a kit are wood, vinyl, or metal. Assembling a kit should be a pretty simple process. The tools required to assemble a shed kit are very common to most households.


Vinyl Storage Sheds

vinyl storage shed

Vinyl storage shed require very low maintenance, making them a good choice for many homeowners. Some of the advantages of a vinyl shed is that they will not fade, rot, or mildew like a typical wood shed. Also they will not rust or corrode like a metal shed.


Duramax produces high quality durable sheds made from lightweight vinyl material.

Metal Storage Sheds

metal storage sheds

Metal storage buildings are the most economical when compared to wood, vinyl, or plastic. If you purchase a metal shed be sure it is rust resistant and carries a warranty against rust. Look for thick steel walls for greater strength and dent resistance.


Arrow sells high quality, long lasting metal sheds that are affordable to buy.

Wood Storage Sheds

wood storage sheds

Wood storage sheds are very attractive. You can paint and add shingles to match your home. They will not get dents like metal, or buckle like vinyl. They can stand well in very high winds, and are strong enough for snow loads.


Handy home Products are well known for extremely durable outdoor storage sheds. These will last for many years. Wood sheds are attractive, and can be detailed to match your home.

Vinyl: Wood: Metal: Shed Kits


Purchase your Shed with Confidence!


Purchase your Shed with Confidence!

Betty Mills' experience handling over 125,000 residential and business shed deliveries, along with our extensive relationships with the world's leading shed & outdoor storage manufacturers, ensures that you will experience a trouble free transaction.


Storage Shed Style

gable shed

Gable Shed

Gable storage shed - This is the most common, having two equal sides, both sides of the roof meet at the top. This is the most common to build because of it's simple structure. Fits very well into most landscapes.

gambrel shed

Gambrel Shed

Gambrel storage shed, also known as a barn style, may be the perfect design for your country landscape. There are two pitches on each side of the roof which gives it a barn style. You can get the most use of space with this type of shed.



Lean-to-shed - This type has a roof that slopes from back and drops down to the front. This type is ideal for for narrow spaces. Looks great against the house or fence.


salt box shed

Salt Box

Salt-box - A saltbox is very similar to a gable except for the roof pith. A salt-box-shed will have an uneven pitch to the roof.

Storage Shed Location

Before choosing your location call or visit with your local building and zoning department. Zoning can govern the size, height and the location. Setbacks from fences, house, property lines etc.. might be a requirement. Check for any permits that will be required.


Some of the things you want to think about when choosing a location are:


Sunlight, south facing windows and doors bring in the most sunlight.


Access to your storage shed.


View from your house. Do you want to see the shed from your home, or do you want it to blend in with the landscape.


Setback from buildings or fences. It might need to be set back a specific distance from the property line, it may range from 6" to 3 feet or more, check with your zoning laws.


Utility lines, contact your local utility to find out where the water line, gas line and electrical line run through your property. You do not want to build over lines that may need repair.


Storage Shed Foundation


Most storage shed kits will include the foundation, or you will need to purchase it separately. If your kit does not include the foundation you can purchase one separate, or build one.


Building the foundation is not that difficult, but you should take into consideration weather or not you have the skills, time, and the tools.

Wood Skid Foundation

If you will be using a skid foundation, adding crushed gravel about three to four inches thick, and about a foot wider than the shed will also help protect the foundation from water and moister.

Storage Shed Skid Foundation


When choosing lumber to build a skid foundation, choose pressure treated lumber to prevent decay.

Concrete Slab Foundation

Unlike a skid foundation, a concrete slab foundation will be permanent, once it is poured it can not be moved. Building a concrete slab foundation starts with leveling the site. Build your forms and position a layer of welded wire mesh to provide reinforcement to help prevent cracking. Next the concrete is cast over it.


One of the advantages with a skid foundation is that you can move your shed, unlike a concrete foundation.


If you do not feel comfortable making your own concrete slab foundation, consider hiring a professional.


How To Build A Storage Shed

One of the great advantages of building a shed from scratch is the money you will be saving. The first thing you will want to do is find plans for the size and style you want. Having detailed, illustrated plans with step by step instructions, will make building simple.

gable storage sheds

step 1 Building the storage shed foundation

step 2 Building the storage shed sidewalls

step 3 Building the storage shed roof

step 4 Installing the shed roof decking

step 5 Installing the shed back wall

step 6 Building the front wall & door

step 7 Installing the shed trim, shingles, and paint


Begin by leveling the area for the foundation. More than likely you will be building on a concrete or a skid foundation.


The walls will be next after the foundation. If your shed is not to big, you can install the siding while the wall frames are still on the ground. Raise the walls and nail them to the floor.


Assemble your roof shed rafters once the walls are raised. Assemble and nail the roof frame to the side walls.


The siding and roof decking will be installed.


Install the door, windows, trim, and shingles.


Paint and your done, the shed is now completed.


Building it yourself is fairly simple because of it's simple structure. If you have never built anything before, this is a great project to learn some basic carpentry skills.


Find plans that are easy to understand and will be able to follow. Your plans will come with a material list. You can look over the material list to get a good idea how much this project will cost.


Study your plans and the material list carefully before you start cutting anything. Once you familiarize yourself with these plans, and fully understand the building process you can begin by cutting all the material. Follow the plans and start building.

Free Storage Shed Plans

When building a shed, having detailed plans with step by step, illustrated instructions are of great help.


Having plans or a book with details and illustrations will make building allot easier, and you will get better results.


There are many sites online with free storage shed plans.


The plans you use will have a material list, with the material list you can get a good idea of the cost of this project before you start building.



Building vs. Buying a Storage Shed Kit

Building vs Buying a Storage Shed Kit

By buying lumber and building a shed you will have an attractive and well built storage. Sure you can buy an economical prefabricated shed kit, but take into consideration the appearance and quality you will get. There are attractive high quality kits, but of course the price will be more.


If you feel you don't have the skills, consider a kit. A shed kit will be ready for assembly with some basic tools. Assembly can usually be completed in one or two days. Buying a kit is easier, and the most preferred method by many.


Building a simple shed is not that difficult. If you have the skills and time this can be a fun project. Start off by finding the right plans, look for the style and size you will want to build. Having detailed plans is essential for good results. By building it yourself you can have a great looking shed that is within your budget.