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Gazebo Plans: Build A Garden Gazebo Yourself

Before building any structure, even a garden gazebo, check with the building department for code requirements and permits that may be required. Always check your zoning regulations before you begin searching for gazebo plans.


If you will be building with lumber, do some research on the different types of wood. Pressure treated wood will prevent rot and decay, this kind of wood is a good choice for wood that is in direct contact with the ground. Cedar and redwood is the common choice for building a gazebo, it is more expensive, but worth the money in the long run.


If digging is involved, make sure you are aware of water, telephone, or electrical lines that might be underground. Find out the locations of these lines to avoid any damage or injury.


Building a garden gazebo will not only make a great focal point to your home, it will also increase the value to your property, making this project a great investment. Below is a list of free gazebo plans from various sites.


Free Gazebo Plans




On this episode of Weekend Handyman, host Paul Ryan shows you how to build a gazebo from the ground up, first by assembling the base and flooring, attaching the corner posts and walls, and then by completing the project with a shingled roof and cupola.

 Diy Network



The deck of this gazebo measures 9 feet 6-1/2 inches across, and the roof is constructed having a moderate overhang beyond the sheltered area.

Creative Homeowner

Lake Tahoe Gazebo

Lake Tahoe Gazebo (PDF)

Extend your home's living space into the garden with an elegant and easy to build eight-sided redwood gazebo

California Redwood Association


Gazebo (PDF)

Detailed gazebo plans to build an 8' x 8' gazebo.


Gazebos at Amazon

Gazebo Kits at Amazon

Online shopping for Gazebos from a great selection of Patio, Lawn & Garden; & more at everyday low prices.










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