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step 7Gambrel storage shed shingles and paint

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Material needed for installing the gambrel storage shed shingles and paint or stain

  • 4- Bundles of shingles

  • Paint, varnish, or stain

roofing felt



shingles on shed

Install the roofing felt.


Install a starter course of shingles upside down, so that the tabs point up. Cut the first one 6" with a utility knife and straightedge. Let the bottom overhang the drip edge 3/8", fasten the shingles with roofing nails. Use a full shingle for the remainder of the row. Trim the last shingle so it overlaps the edge by 3/8".

Overhang the shingles 3/8” from the drip edge

Install the first course of shingles, starting with a full shingle.
Position the tabs down and align the edges with those of the starter course.
Begin the second course with a full shingle, but overhang the end by 1/2 a tab. Overhang third course a full tab, then 1 1/2 tabs for the fourth course. Start the fifth course with a full shingle aligned with the first course, and repeat the pattern.

Overhang the shingles 3/8” from the drip edge.
Use construction adhesive along the edge to keep the shingles from popping up.

shed shingles







Cut ridge caps from standard shingle tabs






Cut ridge caps from standard shingle tabs
ridge caps

Install ridge caps on the top of the storage shed ridge.


Cut ridge caps from standard shingle tabs.

Trim corners to create the shingle caps. Install the caps at the ridge.

storage shed painted






gambrel storage shed

I painted the storage shed trim white, and stained the siding.

door hardware
door hardware

I installed this door hardware to keep the storage shed door from swinging open.

Inside the storage shed



Storage shed completed

Inside the storage shed, I nailed a 2x4 in the middle and top of the storage shed back wall, this is optional.


Storage shed completed. Don’t forget to bookmark the site, I will be adding more projects soon, thanks for visiting.


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