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How to build a gable storage shed


storage shed plans
gable storage shed



This shed is built on a skid foundation, this makes it portable, in case it needs to be moved.


8x8 Gable Storage Shed - These instructions will take you through the steps involved to build a basic 8'x8' gable style shed.

8x8 Gable Storage Shed Material List / Cutting List


2- 4x4 Pressure Treated 8'- Skids
2- 2x4 Pressure Treated 8'- Bands
7- 2x4 Pressure Treated 93"- Floor Joists
2- 5/8" Plywood 4x8- Floor Decking
10- 2x4 68 3/4"- Rafters (45 degree each end)

10- 2x4 66" Rafter crosspiece (45 degree each end)

24- Gussets

4- 2x4 8'- Plates
10- 2x4 78"- Wall Studs
4- 5/8" T1-11 siding 4'x7'- Siding for side walls
4- 5/8" T1-11 siding 4'x8'- Siding for end walls

4- 5/8" T1-11 siding 4'x38"- Siding for end walls

2- 5/8" Plywood 4'x8'- Roof Decking

2- 5/8 Plywood 20 3/4"x8' Roof Decking
4- bundles 3-tab shingles
Roofing 1 roll 15# felt Roof underlayment

2- 2x6 69 1/2"- front trim (45 degree each end)
2- 1x6 69 1/2" back trim (45 degree each end)

8- 1x4 72 1/2" Outside Corner Trim

2- 1x6 97 1/4" sidewall trim

2- 1x4 66" trim(45 degree each end)

1 lbs 12d common nails
3 lbs- 6d common nails
2 lbs- roof tacks


1- 2x4 57"- Lintel
1- 2x4 48"- Header

2- 2x4 74"- Jambs
4- 2x4 74"- Uprights
4- 2x4 16 3/4"- Stiles
2- 2x6 16 3/4"- Base
16 - Corner Blocks
2 Pair- 4" Butt Hinges

1- 4" Hasp



Floor Frame Details

storage shed foundation


Wall Frame Details


wall frame details




Roof Framing Details



storage shed roof rafter details



Door View

Door View




gable shed height

2x4 basic shed kit

2x4basics Shed Kit at Amazon

You don't have to be an expert carpenter to put together a well-built shed ...









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